Us, the company: PurusHiTech

You, Client, Customer: Is the person or entity that uses our services

Evaluation period:

Is the time frame given to check the goods condition, after receiving, which is 5 days by default.

Manufacturing defect:

Is any defect in goods, including all its parts & firmware, that is caused prior to delivery to client.



The received goods could be returned for full refund only if the following conditions apply:

  • Within “evaluation period”
  • The goods showing any “Manufacturing defect”, or not matching specifications

After evaluation period is finished, our standard warranty policy applies



All products supplied by us come with 3rd party 1Year Warranty from the manufacturers against manufacturing defects.

If any manufacturing defect is detected within warranty period, The affected part would be eligible for repair or replacement with same model or better



Warranty is void if the part was operated outside its specified operating conditions, like temperature, humidity or unstable power source to mention some.

Also software or programming warranty is void if client has “Admin” level access. Which leave any programming changes on users who have Admin level access.


Other cases:

For any other cases that are not covered by the above, please contact us.

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