PipeSupport System

NTEICO versatile pipe hangers and support system products are manufactured in accordance with International Standard and MSS Standard Practice SP-58. NTEICO products are carefully manufactured to meet the highest standard in the Industry. Products have been selected to effectively answer any pipe support issue in the plumbing, mechanical, HVAC and industrial fields. A constant awareness of customers’ requirements and efforts is the foundation in enlivening and in the development of new products. NTEICO Products meets and exceed Underwriters Laboratory Listing (UL) and ISO Standard, ISO 9001-2008. In addition to our commitments to a wide range of high quality hangers, it offers custom options backed by skilled engineers, for special pipe supports requirements including other sizes and types, dimensional requirements, installation methods and finishing requirements. NTEICO will provide you impeccable and faultless service and will response quickly to your products and service needs on both standard items and specialized fabrication.

Purus Hi Tech has one more gold feather in its crown; UL listed (Underwriter Laboratories, USA) and ISO-9001-2008 certified NTEICO brand Pipe Support System.

All clamps, hangers and bolts are electro-galvanized as per ASTM 633 Standards meeting the requirements of international design standards of MSS-SP; with and without EPDM lining for all range of Clevis, Swivel, Split Clamps for standard and customized sizes, to be used as Pipe Support System for water supply, drainage, firefighting, industrial, commercial and residential piping networks.
With latest CNC based cutting, bending, welding, shaping, piercing machines and complete controlled galvanization process, our products are abreast with any of the world renowned advanced pipe support systems. Every single process is as per requirements of international standards.

A manufacturing setup in UAE makes us equidistant to export our east and west customers and we are capturing the markets of Africa, East Europe, and Asia and we are expanding our business canvass onward. Our design and Engineering team is excellent in devising the methodologies to implement the solution of pipe support systems.


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