what is a Hotel Management System?

The future of the hoteling industry worldwide; it assists in saving 30% – 35% on all energy costs, allowing you to manage your hotel more effectively, and at the same time provide an unparalleled hospitality experience to your guests.


what is an ecosystem?

The Ecosystem enables the guests to select their preferable settings upon entry, which include, lighting, temperature, blinds setting, etc. Once the guest exits the room, the Ecosystem takes over; turns lights off, closes the blinds and eco mode takes over which turns HVAC on for 15 minutes, every 2 hours – ensuring that the temperature is maintained according to the guest’s preference.

what are Smart rooms?

A smart room has a wide array of features. Timers and movement trackers used to restrict energy wastage but meet the profile set by the guest. The traditional wall switches are replaced in a Smart Room with touch switches.

It also allows guests the comfortability of opening and closing the blinds using the touch system. The color of the lighting can also be managed at various settings, also giving the option to change
lighting color in the Smart Room..

room service

Smart Room Service

All you need to do is tap a screen for room service. Gone are the days of calling different extensions for different hotel services. Get all your requirements fulfilled with the tap of a button. This ensures a premium experience for all customers.


Curtains and blinds are connected through a centralized system. Our
app allows for the complete control of smart curtains from the palm of
your hands. Tap on the respective tab to open, close, or customize
curtain openings in accordance with whatever suits your comfort best.



The entire room is controlled through a touch panel/tab, which contains touch buttons for all electrical appliances. This panel can be used to control everything in the room, such as lights, temperature, or blind openings to adjust the amount of natural light entering the room.


A smart climate control system allows all guests to achieve their
desired room temperatures. The system ensures that temperature is
regulated with all appliances working in unison. Sensors provide
continuous feedback for monitoring and adjusting any variations in temperature.



Guests can easily control the intensity, as well as the colour of lighting from the palm of their hands. This will allow guests to create their own mood in their rooms, without the need to manually get up.

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